बेस्ट फ्रेंड पर निबंध – My Best Friend Essay

I have many friends mohan is the best of them he lives next door to me. he is my classfellow. 

My best friend is funny and outgoing by nature He is a gentle and well-mannered boy who is loved by one and all  He is very good at his studies and helps me in my studies too We sit, study and play together at school.

He belongs a good family his father is a doctor his mother is a house wife My best friend is a football player he is also a good singer he is always neat and clean he respects the teacher he is always redy to help other A friend is the elixir of life and panacea for many ills. A friend is very useful at the time of adversity.

I also take part in the school’s competitions with my best friend.i am lucky to have a such friend i am proud of him my god bless him

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