Top PC Management Software

PC and desktop management software allows users to manage their personal computers, and it also allows the IT department to easily find, manage, and control the endpoints. So that the desktop computer or mobile device can be used on any local or remote site without the need for physical access to the device, one of the most important things that we all have to understand is that it also gives the user the ability to use desktop management software.

Best Desktop Management Software

It helps the system used to monitor and also get the track record of the devices uses control user and program accessibility and also gives the automated deployment of different types of patches and updates the things. I want to give you in a detailed manner that the desktop management software is useful for all of the users who want to remote access and automate the security management and also want to get the updated deployment of the user control it also gives different types of Management for the users the most important is that the desktop management software gives the complete usability for the people.

Features of  PC Management Software

  • Remote device discovery
  • Hardware discovery
  • Software discovery
  • Automated inventory generation
  • Remote control utilities
  • Security audit data generation
  • Audit tracking and action logging
  • Task automation
  • Patch automation and management
  • User account management
  • Remote task management
  • Desktop migration assistance
  • Power management
  • Provisioning
  • Auditing, reporting, and tracking
  • Theft and loss prevention
  • Device support
  • Software support
  • Remote access support
  • Security policy enforcement and remediation
  • Wake-on-LAN
  • Troubleshooting tools
  • Cloud, on-premise, or hybrid deployment options
  • Centralized dashboard
  • Cloud storage options
  • SLA compliance tracking
  • Software license management
  • Third-party support and integration

Best PC Management Software

1. ManageEngine Desktop Central:

Endpoint Central (formerly Desktop Central) is a unified endpoint management and security solution that helps in managing servers, laptops, desktops, smartphones, and tablets from a central location. It’s a modern take on desktop management that can be scaled as per organizational needs.

  • Patch Management – Secure your network by automating patch deployment for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Third Party Applications.
  • Software Deployment – Deploy Software to all the endpoints within your network in just a few clicks using 4,500+ pre-defined application templates.
  • Mobile Device Management – Configure, manage and secure mobile devices centrally using mobile device management
  • Endpoint Security – Strengthen endpoint security by regularly assessing vulnerabilities, monitoring browsers, and controlling applications and devices in your enterprise network.
  • OS Imaging & Deployment – Automatically image and deploy OS on Windows computers, along with the installation of required drivers and applications using OS deployment.
  • IT Asset Management – Manage software and hardware assets within your network and track license and warranty details effortlessly.
  • Remote Control – Troubleshoot remote desktops with multi-user collaboration, file transfer, video recording, and more.
  • Modern Management – Unify endpoint management with a similar approach toward managing mobile phones, Mac, and Windows 10 devices.

2. Broadcom Endpoint Management

Improve the security of endpoints – Deploy, provision, and patch apps and OS configurations on desktops and laptops throughout their lifecycle.

  • Patch Management – Centralize and simplify the detection and remediation of security vulnerabilities by automating the deployment and application of patches
  • Systems Management – Streamline the deployment, provisioning, migration, and management of desktops, laptops, and physical and virtual servers
  • Modern Device Management – Leverage operating system protocols built to simplify the management of devices without needing to deploy an agent
  • End User Self Service – Enable your users to request and install software through a modern software portal that provides an app-store experience

3. BMC Helix Client Management

Reduce service desk calls by 80% through integrated endpoint management. BMC Helix Client Management optimizes your service management solution to provide comprehensive, automated endpoint management, delivering great service to end users while minimizing cost, maintaining compliance, and reducing security risk.

  • Distribute patches automatically and simultaneously
  • Automatically update vulnerability and patch bulletins catalog
  • Discover all endpoints with IP addresses
  • See detailed hardware and software inventory
  • Manage financial assets
  • Manage power usage
  • Normalize your software catalog
  • Manage devices
  • Secure inventory
  • Prepare for audits
  • Operating system deployment and bare metal provisioning
  • Application distribution including automated upgrades and self-service software installation

4. Microsoft PC Manager

Safeguard your PC in a quiet and reliable way. Clean up your system and free up spaces. Boost your PC’s performance. Give your PC a spring cleaning and manage large files. Use storage sense to let Windows free up storage for you.

Find and fix issues fast. Scan and clear threats with one click. Fully integrated with Windows Security. Safeguard your PC anytime, anywhere.

5. QUEST KACE Desktop Authority Management Suite

Centralized, secure desktop management software for Windows environments. With KACE Desktop Authority you can proactively configure, manage, secure, and support each unique user workspace, quickly and easily, through a single console. Minimize the hassles of deploying and securing individual devices by customizing devices at the first log-in while configuring the firewall and controlling browser security for physical, virtual, and published Windows environments.

  • Real-time targeting engine – Tailor settings and configurations by the user, computer, network address, or dozens of other criteria using patented Validation Logic targeting engine.
  • User environment configuration – Provide access to company resources, manage security settings, configure Outlook profiles and Office settings, and more.
  • Windows environment management – Take control of your Windows environment by deploying software and service packs, controlling power schemes and inactivity settings, and tracking hardware and software.
  • Device security – Set security policies, manage the firewall, lock inactive computers, and manage browser security and privacy settings for machines, applications, and data.
  • Remote user support – Leverage the ExpertAssist remote management system to manage more than 40 computer tasks without interrupting the user.


Desktop management software is the way of managing the process for systematically optimizing all computer and organizing it including personal computers desktop laptops tablets and other types of Endura computing.

Desktop management software is another term for unified endpoint management it mainly involved overseeing of laptop tablet and Smartphones as well as Macs and PC and it also helps the best desktop management software for management including onboarding software management patch management security protection and various types of access combined with server application and Network Monitoring and Management which creates a complete system management environment.